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Thoughts on my new UI

Just been redoing my UI and wondering if anyone has any working mods they think may improve my UI(screen shot in the gallery). Currently i am looking to upgrade my chat mod, i do not like Prat but want a mod that has scrolling and channel memory.
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PvE-PvP xfer

Later guys, I xferred the pally and lock to Korgath. Same char name if you need/want to get in touch.Muldred
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To Cows!

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Batman - Dark Knight

LinkThis movie is looking better and better each trailer. Im so glad they've not shown Two Face as of yet, leave us with a bit of surprise.
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^ < v because its fun

^ Does not exist&lt; Hopes others will understand and play alongv Has hair in places they wish they didn't
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3rd built PC

just ordered parts for what would now my 3rd computer. I've got a feeling its gonna be overly sick for a long time. On to the drooling parts:Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 LinkAsus P5E3 Premium with WiFi NLinkand 4 gigs of DDR3 1600mhzLinkGonna use the r...
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Game link preservation
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New Computer

I am looking to Upgrade My Computer, i have decided to build a computer for the first time. I am not looking for a super top of the line badass machine, i simply want something more powerful than my 5 year old gateway, something around $500. I w...
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Ashev Anime'ed!!

A drawing I did...
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Haiku fun thread

Since the guild seems to enjoy these I thought I might start a thread dedicated to them.I'm new at haikuAlways wanted to try itMy first one, like it?
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LinkDoes anyone else think it's a little insane to get paid $20million for a fake wrestling match?
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Anyone else wondering?

I'm curious if anyone else besides me is starting question the truth about what is going on with the economy, the war in Iraq, and future of civilazation. Lately I have seen some crazy documentary on the subject. Anyone else have any thoughts on...
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Ironforge on Superbowl Sunday

So there I was... minding my own business, when a damn begger whispers me for gold after nobody responds to him saying things in general chat. I said this to him:
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Loof makes movies!

Well since today is Tuesday and the servers are down but Im at home due to a snow day, i figured to screw around with video capturing software and windows movie maker.I am going to start using Game Cam (Too cheap to buy the version of Fraps i need...
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Gnome Mages - This is Priceless

All I have to say is all hail Minii-MeLink
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new Tech

New tech items that you would have never dreamed that you would never thought ofLink
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Some of my artwork...

I'm sure a few of you have noticed that I tend to bitch a lot about art projects that are due, blahddy, blah, blah, but here are a few pieces I have done. Just wanted to share my lervely art to the world! ;)And here are a few of my boss strat art ...
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Photos from Iraq

Figured since the server's were down, it'll give me a chance to get some photos for my long trip up.{img17932}^ a camel spider a couple of guys caught, figured people wanted to see that{img17933}^ my jet early in the trip, while it was still relat...
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Most of you know I am a stay at mom for 90% of my time. With the children Chip and I usually do not eat out and if I want a treat I usually bake or cook for myself. When going out I get disappointed in food Because my expectations is that it shoul...
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Internet problems

k i know alot of people in the guild work for or deal with isp issues. i believe hilde for example works for AT&amp;T or something in oklahoma, so coming on here to see if anyone has any ideas or solutions to resolve my issue. Ive done tracerts an...
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