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[Pinned] Guild Add-On list & URLS

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[Pinned] Pots, Elixirs, and Flasks

Filia elixir specFlask of Mighty RestorationKurby elixir specFlask of Blinding LightFlask of Supreme PowerBoze elixir specFlask of Supreme PowerFlask of FortificationFlask of Blinding LightFlask of Pure DeathFlask of Mighty RestorationDielmarcy po...
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Blade's edge quests

I need to run the five man orge quests in BEM (both the ones to open up ogrilla dailies and the one's for baron silvermane). Does anyone else need them? want to team up to knock them out?Jason
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Tuesday Oct 14

I'm sure a lot of people are going to be busy tonight with wow.It's 12:30 here for me, with a 1.2 GB patch its showing between 3-4 hrs. So if yur surfing the forums, might be wise to start patching now instead of 5-6 tonightAlso, dl you addons asa...
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Spec Discussion

Figure here's a decent place to talk about our new 51pt talents, providing they stay the same. Link is possibly what I might use at 80, but still uncertain. Discussion seems helpful for those trying to figure out what talents they want.
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How to Normalize Vent

* Go to Setup* Enable Direct Sound* Select the SFX Button* Select Compressor and click Add.* Under Compressor Properties, use the following settings:o Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15)o Attack = 0.01o Release = Around 50...
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Mod that I have tested on Beta for wotlk

With Wrath being released in around a month the creators of Mods have been busy. Some of them are good and some are just useless. Some have been deleted. I have not had much luck with ace mods which I use mostly on live so I had to test new mods t...
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ok, so i've moved back to school now and mostly everything is settled. some kinks to work out still.As of now, the way things look like is that I'll get out of classes just in time to rush home and raid. I could very possibly do this. However, thi...
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Troxed Sound Board

Here is something that was posted by a guild member of the guild War Ensemble on Illidan, They play horde.Here is a soundboard of some of the things their guild leader, Troxed, says during their raids.Troxed
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This sucks...but is for the best.

So. I realize that my attendance for the raids has not been good. The nights that I CAN make it, I am on at the EARLIEST at 7:30...a 1/2 hour late. I HATE being late.I have decided that, for the benefit of the guild and myself, that I will move...
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Things to depress Warriors and Rogues

Inspired by Hilde's mastery of statistics...In theory, you can combine the numbers from WoWJutsu, and the rules of statistics to create some interesting numbers:They track a little over 100,000 guilds. Of those guilds, there are about 5515 guilds...
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1-300 inscription guide

Found this, figured those going after inscription might find it useful
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Not Just Another Departure Thread

So at the end of summer I am going to be moving to Toronto with 3 of my friends! Its gonna be awesome cause I can finally get out of this rich snob town and go chill with some down to earth people. But anyway, I will be getting a transfer to a who...
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Warlocking in Arena

Basic Do's:- Fear, fear, fear, fear- Put the right DoTs on the right people, quickly! (e.g. curses on mages largely a waste of time for non unstable affliction locks; a non overwhelming amount of magic DoTs on pallies is a waste of time, unless yo...
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net out

my nets out from iPhone back asap
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Comments on WotLK Beta info

Newly released 3.0.1 patch notes here.And a thread to discuss it without too much clutter in the shout box.Just to comment on Irinia's paladin shout:The threat mechanic on WotLK is changing dramatically. They're doing away with the current model ...
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Leaving Macto

I am going to be taking Rosa out of the guild. I just reactivated my account last night, and I want to play some of the new content like zulaman. I am going to try and find a smaller casual guild to play with because i dont know how long i will be...
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Hunter talents/skills

I sure hope the pet talent trees are bringing somthing to the table because the new hunter skills and talents are not very impressive.GalaI guess this would not be a bad build and then with pet talents could be a really good build.MM buildhttp://w...
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To Torch, always my buddy

If you have really decided to leave the game. All I can say is that I am going to miss raiding with you, but always going to bug you on Aim and might in the near future make another trip out there just to get with you guys and have a drink or 2 an...
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Age of Conan

Anyone else messing around with this? I haven't had much time at night to play (hence why I've been MIA in raids), but I've been messing around on the Omm server. Yeah yeah, pve server in a pvp game, whatever.
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