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Guild News

New Guild Website

LinkWell alot of people have complained about how hard it is to find posts on this site, and how clunky it is. Whaler was gracious enough to let us use his website (and it makes his eyes bleed less) so this is it, WIth exp coming in a few days, le...
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Guild News

Old Man Alert

Today is Fender's birthday!!!!!!Wish the old man a happy birthday and please harass him as much as possible....that is all
Small Lacerate 10y
Lacerate41716Small Fender 10y
Guild News

I need everybody's attention

The time has come.....Aeld is now a man longer a boy bearmoonkintree because it is his birthday!!!!!
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Lacerate91057Member avatar small Tmender 10y
Guild News

Hyjal Attunement

Vashj dead - checkKael dead - checkHyjal attuned so we can move to new fucking content - unchecked!Please post stating which vials you DO NOT HAVE. Also if you havent you need to be up to the questline part for rage Winterchill for BT attunement, ...
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Guild News

Raptor Goes T6!!!!

This is what my gear should look like!!!Pitty I can't transfer my home gear to Garona...{img19365}{img19366}
Member avatar small Raptorwar 11y
Raptorwar6887Member avatar small Raptorwar 11y
Guild News

POLL - Makeup raid for Halloween night on following Monday

K, since no raid on halloween night this coming wed, if we have the raid size and balance, we can raid the following monday night. Now if we clear quick and fast and have less trouble with Vashj next week, this could mean possible more time for ka...
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Fender101047Small Dielmarcy 11y
Guild News

Down goes Lady V!

To a group consisting entirely of gnomes...except for the giant owl thing.Link
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Aeldwen4577Member avatar small Amadora 11y
Guild News

On to Vashj!

I forgot how easy Hydross was it had been so long! toying with Vashj:
Member avatar small Amadora 11y
Amadora111088Member avatar small Torchbs 11y
Guild News


Poc. I know you have some good pics of the kill. Could you post bc I suck at posting them!;)
Small Dielmarcy 11y
Dielmarcy1387Small Dielmarcy 11y
Guild News

Leo was so laughable... woot

So Leo is dead and now our turn to who? A'lar?
Small Hildebrand 11y
Hildebrand8865Member avatar small Tmender 11y
Guild News

Kara bites the Dust

Grats To Everyone, Lets keep it going!
Small Dielmarcy 11y
Dielmarcy101201Member avatar small Anabella 11y
Guild News

Raid Week Beginning Sept 4th

Goal of the week. Lord Karathress dies! On Sun MT was taken down to 25%ish with a low ae raid makeup. So lets focus on clearing Lurker and MT early and spending as much time as we can on Karathress.
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Fender10965Small Mangarr 11y
Guild News

mother's day

Just curious. how many of us are planning to raid on Mother's day? Some of us have outof town obligations but some don't. This weekend people have barely been on. Just wondering wether to plan on raid or take naps on the couch all day.:)
Small Dielmarcy 12y
Dielmarcy111092Member avatar small Artence 12y
Guild News

Gruul Down

Here we are dancing and celebrating Gruul down for the First time. lootsLinkLinkLinkAfter dancing and celebrating went to had fun in Mag's lair playing with the trash. After a while we were tired and called it a night. Awesome night. Great Job guys!
Small Dielmarcy 12y
Dielmarcy2482Small Kurby 12y
Guild News

The High King gets Mauled!

Woot! Only took one night with a full raid to do it. Thanks to everyone that showed up on time and ready to make this happen. Gruul next!
Small Hildebrand 12y
Hildebrand2649Small Gnod 12y
Guild News

2 Nights, 2 New Bosses Bite It!

Netherspite down, then Prince the following night. Way to go guys, we really kicked it up this week! Nightbane and Illhoof stand in the way!
Small Aeldwen 12y
Aeldwen2480Small Gnod 12y
Guild News

Netherspite Down!

Congrats to everyone one the raid last night. That fight required a lot of cooperation and individual effort and we pulled it off the first night we tried it. Here's a crappy picture until Kurby uploads better ones.Link
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Guild News

Thursday Night KZ

Be there at 6:30 with wearing your Ruby Slippers!
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