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I have been fun playing around on beta, seems like everyone made a deathknight. But i am having fun w diel. fire is fun alot of the new spells are interesting and even old ones seem to work better.I was able to quest for my teleport to Dalaran tod...
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Wii codes

5069 - 3606 - 9603*Edit Igba* I'm more bored than Poc! Aeldwen Wii: SSBB: 5069-3606-9603 Mario Kart: Tumble Wii: 8928-0171-5055-3749 SSBB: 1418-6371-5916 Mario Kart: 3823-8949-0259 Fender Wii: 1596-4865-0151-8932 SSBB: 5370-0072-4601 Mario ...
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Showing off my new machine..:)

Ok, here are a few pics of my new comp I ordered recently. It's too glowy for me not to show off so here goes...Very blue!!! <3
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Guys just wanted to let you know that i transfered my warrior to a friends relm to help him out late night since i cant really do any raiding cause of my damn job .... Again i am sorry i dont know when ill be back.. and i am glad to see your progr...
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my puppy

This is my monster. The furriest savage beast in the whole world that causes massive afks!
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Where you game?

Sort of came up in conversation the other night and I was just curious as to the different setups you game at. From vent it sounds like some people are in offices or living rooms or dangerous futons. This is a pic of the office in my house where I...
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