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General Discussion (Alliance)

WotLK and You: Classes and Trades

I keep forgetting to post this and I've seen people talking about it in guild. To consolidate in one place I thought it might make things easier if we put it on the boards in a standardized format. 1.) What is your main character now and what c...
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Mynar13169Member avatar small Tiggen 10y
General Discussion (Alliance)


Though I have only been in the guild for a very short period of time, I've grown to truely appreciate some of the members and what they bring to the raids each and every night. While on the other hand I've also grown to hate a few members, and how...
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Meghas160Member avatar small Meghas 11y
General Discussion (Alliance)

See you around.

I will be leaving Macto Madidus and moving to Edge. I'm not leaving because of any issues with any of the Macto members, I have really enjoyed playing with all of you. I' am leaving Macto because I don't think Macto will be get into the Sunwell m...
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General Discussion (Alliance)

My apolagies...

I feel like I owe everybody a big apolagy for not posting my unplanned and untime absence. I really did not know nor intend for it to happen, but it did. I got very busy in real life. As many of you know, I'm getting heavier with the gal I've b...
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General Discussion (Alliance)

Guild Bank Inventory

Posted so people can claim or make an offer onpattens recipes etc... I'll be looking up the values and selling the excess on the AH.Patterns are Free (for the first one or two) to Raiders. FAF and Alts will be asked to pay for patterns at a heav...
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Tumble7166Small Galathil 11y
General Discussion (Alliance)

Diel's New Pc

some people have been helping me put this all together and making sure I don't forget anything. Thanks guys for putting up with me picking your brain. Yes, Skibbies I went with intel instead of AMD. I know you are disappointed, but i think I am go...
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General Discussion (Alliance)

Sonata of El Lufniap

I have thought this through and threw,But i can never locate the new.There is nothing left to do,except collect my coup. (Not coupe idiots)This may be quick for some,Others extremely gruesome.But i shall attempt to make this quick,First lets start...
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Lufniap15329Small Tumble 11y
General Discussion (Alliance)

Purple Patterns

We've got a bunch... I would like people who can and will actually use the item to speak up here. We'll treat the requests just like regular loot, ie we'll have a loot council discussion around any pattern that has more bidders then patterns.The r...
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Tumble373Member avatar small Dorfius 11y
General Discussion (Alliance)

Gotta love it

The damage enchant to bracers requires 6 prismatic shards, 6 primal fire and 6 primal water.The healing enchant to bracers requires 4 primal life and 4 greater eternal essences.The damage enchant gives +15dmg while the the healing enchant gives +3...
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Lacerate661Small Hildebrand 11y
General Discussion (Alliance)

Guild Bank

Hi Everyone,With the indications being that patch 2.3 is coming shortly, I was curious on how the guild is going to handle the guild bank feature? On a side note, I need to create a new guild for my bank alt so I can use all of the nice space that...
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Mangarr1077Small Muldred 11y
General Discussion (Alliance)

playing horde

just trying something new. I rolled a blood elf horde on illadan if anyone wants to find me.Name is Emina (a lock)I am just having fun with another part of the game:)
Small Dielmarcy 12y
Dielmarcy551Small Hildebrand 12y
General Discussion (Alliance)

Mage Stuff (Okay locks too)

I thought I'd start a thread for us Mages to share tips, tricks, etc. Hopefully this will generate some dialoge and some disagreement. I learn by watching other mages I play withThere are two real points that I have learned. ----- GET QUARTZ...
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Gnod14218Small Kurby 12y
General Discussion (Alliance)

you know i have to do the myspace thing

So yeah if any of you are on myspace hit me up some time screen name is I will never stop on my never ending quest to add more freinds :P
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Anabella481Small Fender 12y
General Discussion (Alliance)

Guild Fourms

The guild forums are somewhat important for knowing when people are going to be late, absent, or planning of raids.So on that note..... Asherixie *must verify account BaconOnline: 29 days ago MarbocOnline: about 1 month ago Sakuraharuno *mus...
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General Discussion (Alliance)

My new Spec

Comments welcome, its been a long time since I have tanked anything worth tanking.
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Torchbs26189Small Hildebrand 12y
General Discussion (Alliance)

2h fury... Not bad at all.

I recently got the Burning Crusader (2h axe) and was previously 41/17/3 with sword spec. I figured that since I was going to have to respec anyway I might as well try something that wouldn't force me to respec everytime I received a new weapon ty...
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Confide111Small Confide 12y
General Discussion (Alliance)

Gems / Socket Policy

update - We're at 350 now... raising it further is just going to happen as we get the rare gem drops (I get 1 or 2 per stack of Adamantite Ore) ... Be on the look out for recipes that suit your class... hopefully we can farm some otherwise there ...
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