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Guild News (Alliance)

[Pinned] Recruiting, Healers, and You!

Call it burnout, real life issues, whatever you want. The situation is that we're almost always short or scrounging for healers at raid time.I've heard many a grumble about 23040 Holy Priests... and as best I can tell that happened because we kep...
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Guild News (Alliance)

Teh Dorf

A bit of an explanation why I've left the guild:It's nothing personal, however I've really never felt like I fit in well here. I've made a few new friends and always enjoyed raiding with old ones, however I can't say I feel as if this is where I ...
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Guild News (Alliance)

I have F'in had it

For the past few weeks attendance have down slided as people get use to thier new schedule with going back to school or having other priorities. Only a few people even post thier absences and either your being lazy or what not, I am tired of you ...
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Guild News (Alliance)

Tumb AFK

dear guildmates - Just an FYI... I'll be absent for a bit. About a month ago I noticed numbness in my feet...I'min decent shape and i'm 36 so i just figured it was nothing. This didn't go away.. So I saw a doctor. He ordered some tests which I h...
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Guild News (Alliance)

Important --- A word from our sponsor

Of Late I have had some pretty frustrating conversations with some of you. Torch, Igba, and I started Macto a few months before the BC to put back together a core of players that had grown up raiding together in various guilds before but most con...
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